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Technical Review

Volume 55 Number 2 Technical Review Special Edition : Industry & Infrastructure

  1. Development of Metal-based Additive Manufacturing System with Direct Energy Deposition Technology
  2. The Latest Gear Manufacturing Technology for High Accuracy and Efficiency

Volume 53 Number 4 New Products & Technologies

  1. Automatic Production System for Machining Aircraft Parts
  2. IoT Cloud Data Services (DIASCOPE)
  3. High-Precision Double-Column Machining Center "MVR-Fx" for Die Molds -Achieves High-Definition, High-Precision Surface Machining-
  4. Absolute Linear MP Scale for Industrial Machinery
  5. Development of Microfabrication Technology using DUV Laser
  6. Development of MSS300 Super Skiving Machine -Realization of High-Precision, High-Efficiency Gear Cutting Method-

Volume 52 Number 3 Machine Tools

  1. Latest Technologies for High-Precision, High-Efficiency Gear Grinding Processing
  2. Development of GE10A Highly-efficient Dry-cut Hobbing Machine Targeting the Automotive Industry
  3. "M-CM5BG" Large Engine Part-Compatible Horizontal Machining Cell for Mass Production Processing Lines
  4. Microdrilling Technology using Short Pulsed-laser
  5. M-VB25 Fixed Rail Bridge Type Milling Machine Series, Best Suited for 5-Face Machining of Thin Workpieces
  6. Improvement in Robustness of High-speed Hole Position Measurement System for Construction Machines
  7. Modern Technology that Achieves Minute Cuts for Carbide and Brittle Materials
  8. Modern Technology Achieving High-Precision, High-Efficiency Processing for Machining Centers
  9. Technical Change of Super Dry Coating for Gear Cutting with Low Cost and High Efficiency
  10. Machine Tool for Machining Aircraft Parts
  11. Large-sized Special-purpose Machines for Turbine Parts
  12. Introduction of Measuring Method Applied to 3D Laser Machining
  13. Features of High-precision Double-column MVR-Ex Machining Center and Cutting Example
  14. "MAF-C" Series Floor-type Horizontal Boring Mills Provide High-Precision and High-Efficiency Machining for Large Parts
  15. Environment-proof High-accuracy MP Scale

Volume 52 Number 1 New Products & Technology

  1. Latest technologies of MVR-Ex 5-face Machining Center for Realizing High-Precision Cutting
  2. MHI Super-Skiving System for Longer Tool Life and Enhanced Efficiency in Internal Gear Cutting
  3. High-Speed & High-Quality Laser Drilling Technology Using a Prism Rotator

Volume 50 Number 1 New Products & Technology

  1. Technology for High-speed and High-performance Milling of LH250 High-precision Double Column Machining Center

Volume 49 Number 3 Machine Tools

  1. High Performance Cutting and Grinding Technology for CFRP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)
  2. Precision Machining by Optical Image Type Tool Measurement System
  3. New Processing Method Allowing for Grinding Internal, External, and Shoulder Type Gears in a Single Machine
  4. New Technology of Gear Cutting that Contributes to Customer’s Productivity Improvement
    (Speed-up of Helical Guide Less Type Gear Shaping Machine ST Series)
  5. Accuracy Improvement Technology of the Floor-type Horizontal Boring Mills MAF-C
  6. Safety Function (Malfunction Detection) of Open Type Precision Scale