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HOMESupportRetrofitting and Overhauling Services

Retrofitting and Overhauling Services

We provide retrofitting and overhauling services so that you can use your machines for an extended period of time.

If you consider improving the functionality of your existing familiar machine, please feel free to contact our sales office nearest to you.

We also accept inquiries about our competitors' machines, in addition to our products.

Effects and advantages

For Mitsubishi machines delivered to you, we leverage our strength as their manufacturer and use a wealth of expertise and right diagnostic techniques as follows to refine your machine:

  • A technique of diagnosis utilizing the maintenance service record (machine history),
    helps us identify the portions that require improvement and provide the most appropriate retrofitting service offer.
  • The machine drawings used for production are maintained, enabling us to grasp the accuracy of necessary parts.
  • Parts that are strictly controlled, such as mating parts, can be readily handled by means of the drawing.
  • Improvements adopted in the latest product can be implemented into your existing machine, utilizing the technologies we have developed as a machine tool manufacturer.
  • Future services will be provided smoothly using maintenance service records updated continuously.

We can also provide retrofitting and overhauling services for our competitors' machines, by utilizing the technologies and techniques we have developed in manufacturing our products.

Menu of available services

After diagnosing the conditions and symptoms of your machine, we offer a menu of different services that addresses your needs of functional improvements.

Menu of services
Condition, symptom, customer request Example of services
Deterioration of electric parts Upgrading NC. Replacing wiring.
Discontinued production of maintenance parts Changing spindle motor and controller from DC to AC type.
Deterioration of hydraulic and pneumatic components Overhauling hydraulic system. Replacing parts.
Deterioration or chatter of feed system Grinding parts. Replacing feed system parts.
Deterioration of spindle, tapered surface, or bearings Self-grinding tapered spindle surface. Replacing parts.
Degradation (Deterioration) of machine accuracy Adjusting accuracy. Replacing scales.
Accuracy control for parts (Functional addition) Adding measuring capability. Adding number of storable tools.
Enhancement of machining capability Adding cooler. Adding attachments.

Example of improvement

Example of improvement

For inquiries about retrofitting and overhauling services, click the link below.

Business contact: Strategic Marketing & Sales Promotion Department

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