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DIASCOPE Machine Tool Monitoring System

Intelligence, autonomy and optimization of machine tools are made by IoT technology, combined with edge and cloud computing.
We support the optimization of production activities of the customer’s value chain network.


Edge computer (IoT Gateway) is used for obtaining data, and cloud server is used for data collection and analyzation. We support customer’s value chain network by safe and secured closed communication network.


Remote monitoring ~connected to machine~

Based on trouble/alarm information, Mitsubishi’s support center staff will remotely access to the machine, and based on the monitor information, provide proper solution to customer.

  • Machine downtime is reduced by quick and proper restoration.
  • Machine repair/restoration period is minimized by parts and equipment preparation based on monitor information.

Operation monitoring ~connected to production~

Machine’s operation information can be checked real time by web screen of PC or smartphone.
It also can be connected to other maker's machines and also machines at other locations, including other countries.

  • Operation information is visible in the office or outside the facility.
  • Central control of operation situation is possible, even with other
    maker's machines and/or multiple locations and countries.

E-Mail delivery service

Machine conditions, such as machine stop by alarm, machining complete, etc. can be reported by e-mail.

  • Machine conditions, such as machine stop by alarm, machining complete, etc. can be reported by e-mail.

Operation results counting and view service

Machine’s operation results will be calculated automatically on the web, and will be shown on the dashboard of the display.

  • Summarize utilization by 13 categories Not only can it be up or down, but the reason for the outage can be categorized and analyzed without effort

Summarize utilization by seven categories

  • Switch to any time period for viewing You can switch between daily and monthly transitions. Easy to use for improvement activities

Switch to any time period for viewing

Switch to any time period for viewing

Facility Health Monitoring

Diagnose the state of the machine by threshold check and trend analysis.

Facility Monitoring

Operating information of each unit such as spindle and attachment, and various sensor information are displayed on the web screen.

  • When the set threshold is exceeded, an alarm is displayed.

Facility Monitoring

Inspection Operation Monitor

AI learns the initial state data of the inspection operation program (Constant operation at no load without disturbance).
From then on, AI diagnoses by periodically performing inspection operations and measuring data.

  • It is possible to monitor the condition of the main shaft and feed shaft, and to monitor the abnormality and aging of the machine.

Inspection Operation Monitor