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Large-size gear grinding machine ZGA2000


First Domestic Large-Gear Form Grinding Machine Grinds Gear Up to a Diameter of 2,000 mm

Photograph of the large-size gear grinding machine ZGA series

Large-size gear grinding machine ZGA series


Efficient Precision Grinding

  • A direct drive system powered by a built-in motor is employed for the dresser. High-precision dressing finish is possible thanks to high degree of vibration suppression.
  • The turning table employs motor direct drive (DD) system, hydrostatic bearings, and high-precision scale that, along with the dresser, contribute to high-accuracy, highly-efficient machining.

Drastically Shortened Non-Cutting Time Improves Productivity

  • Equipped with machining path optimization function that estimates the grinding stock of all teeth based on automatic meshing data.
  • Equipped with eccentricity compensation function that measures error in workpiece positioning and offsets it in the machining operation. (Reduced setup time)
  • High-speed, high-precision measurement by means of new measurement method.
  • An ample work space is secured around the table to facilitate workpiece and jig changeover.

Large Color LCD Screen Improves Visibility and Operability

  • Large color LCD screen is adopted for enhanced visibility.
  • Data input is performed on a minimum sequence of programming screens.
  • Programming is further simplified by the graphic display.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model ZGA2000
Part max.diameter mm Φ2,000
Max, module 36(whole depth 80)
Max. grinding wheel diameter mm Φ400
Grinding wheel rotation min-1 200 to 6,000
Grinding moter kW 30
Axial stroke amount mm 700
Radial stroke amount mm 1,040
(300 to 1,340)
Table max. weight t 20
Overall dimension(L×W) mm 6,350×8,000
Machine weight kg 46,000


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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