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Gear grinding machine ZE16C/26C

Photograph of the large-size gear grinding machine ZE16C/26C

Realization of stable high accuracy and high efficiency grinding ZE16C/26C


Realization of high precision machining (Zero undulation of tooth flank)

  • Grinding wheel head adopting the new structure improves static rigidity by 50% and dynamic rigidity by 35%
  • Linear scale(Mitsubishi mfg.) as standard, realizing precision stability over time
High rigidity grinding wheel head

High rigidity grinding wheel head

Ground Gear Sample

Gear Spec.
  • Module:3.0
  • O.D:105mm 4.1in
  • N.T.:31
  • T.W:40mm 1.6in
  • H.A:20 degree
  • Grinding stock on OBD:0.5mm 0.02in
Grinding Condition
  • Grinding wheel with 3 threads
  • 2 passes (climb/conventional)

Grinding wheel speed 4,700min-1

On tooth profile JIS N 1 class achieved
On tooth lead JIS N 0 class achieved
Cycle time 49.5 seconds:
Grinding time 43.5 seconds
Non-grinding time 6.0 seconds exclusive of dressing time
Ground Gear Sample

Realization of high efficiency grinding (Zero waste of processing time)

  • High speed direct drive grinding wheel spindle and direct drive work table
6,000min-1 → 8,000min-1
Table ZE16C 1,500min-1 → 3,000min-1
ZE26C  600min-1 → 2,000min-1
  • Simultaneous shift grinding on the same tooth flank is possible
  • Achieving a non-grinding time of 6 seconds with high speed auto-meshing and ring loader
  • Extended dressing interval through the use of 160mm 6.3in wide grinding wheels
Newly developed auto-meshing

Newly developed auto-meshing

Improved maintainability (Zero downtime)

  • Changing the grinding wheel is easily accomplished with excellent accessibility
Open state of the grinding wheel guard when replacing the grinding wheel

Open state of the grinding wheel guard when replacing the grinding wheel

Easy User’s interface

  • Correction input for tooth profile, tooth lead, and bias is possible on operation screen.
  • With the use of single point dressers, contour dressing with full involute modifications is available (optional).
  • Bias control for helical gears is available(optional).
  • Cycloid tooth profile can be ground.
Easy User’s interface
  • On screen displays show modifications before and after inputs
Operation screen

Operation screen

Enhanced dressing functions

  • Automated dresser supports a variety of dressing tools.
Enhanced dressing functions

Wide grinding wheel width for polish grinding

  • Polishing grinding is performed with a composite wheel with grinding and polishing sections
Wide grinding wheel width for polish grinding

Two machine layouts are available: standard apace saving and special narrow-frontage

  • Machine's bed, column, coolant equipment structure has been redesigned, reducing the footprint from previous model
machine layouts

Footprint (ZE16C)
・Space-Saving type 18m2 194ft2
(20% less than before)
・Narrow-Frontage type 19m2 205ft2
(16% less than before)

Customer support in parts application

  • We can offer best application including wheel selection, grinding condition for wide range of cylindrical gear grinding.
Customer support in parts application

Customer support in automation

  • We can offer best integration of automation system
    according to customer’s request.
Customer support in automation


Item ZE16C ZE26C
Part Max. O.D. mm in φ20-φ160 φ0.8-6.3 φ20-φ260 φ0.8-10.2
Module Diametral pitch 1-4 25.4-6.35
(opt. 0.5-1.0 50.8-25.4
1-6 25.4-4.23
(opt. 0.5- 50.8-
Workpiece length mm in -200 -7.9 -350 -13.8
Number of teeth 5-1,000
Max. rotation speed min-1 3,000 2,000
Wheel Max. wheel O.D. mm in φ275 φ10.8(opt. φ300 φ11.8)
Min. wheel O.D. mm in φ208 φ8.2
Width mm in 160 6.3(opt. 125 4.9
Wheel I.D φ160 φ6.3
No. of thread 1-7
Max. rotation speed min-1 8,000
Dresser Dresser type * Composite
(Mitsubishi mfg.)
Composite(Mitsubishi mfg.) or
Fassler type
Drive system Hydraulic up/down Ring loader
O.D. mm in φ110-160 φ4.3-6.3
Max. rotation speed min-1 6,000
Grinding wheel head rotation
(A axis)
deg. ±45
Axial feed stroke(Z axis) mm in 295 11.6
Grinding wheel axis shift
(Y axis)
mm in 235 9.3
Number of control axis 9 11
NC system FANUC
Main motor capacity kW HP 30 40
Total power consumption kVA 100 110
Machine weight ton lb 13.6 30,000 15.5 34,200

ZE16C available with Mitsubishi mfg. composite dresser only
ZE26C available with either Mitsubishi mfg. composite dresser or Fassler type


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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