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Shaving cutter grinder ZA30A


Achieves Superb Accuracy And Productivity and Eliminates Need for Conventional Cutter Resharpening Skills

Photograph of the shaving cutter grinder ZA30A

Shaving cutter grinder ZA30A


High Accuracy Grinding

  • Employed casting bed with higher damping characteristic. On the grinding wheel spindle, direct drive system is employed; a high-rigidity spindle unit that incorporates high-precision angular ball bearings is directly connected to a flat motor.
  • The cutter spindle is equipped with our traction drive motor reducer that realizes smooth rotation without harmful vibration.

High-Accuracy Grinding of Optional Gear Tooth Profiles

  • Achieved all-axis CNC control with 0.1 µm resolution.
  • For synchronous control of cutter and table axes that is a key to generating grinding, CNC synchronous control techniques of the gear cutting machines that are accumulated over the years are applied. This achieved higher machining accuracy without the use of pitch block and indexing plate.

Shortened Setup Change and Trial Grinding/Offset Setting Times

  • New workpiece grinding: simply inputting necessary data executes setup calculation and changeover through CNC control.
  • Repeated workpiece grinding: setup changeover can be quickly performed by simply retrieving and running the program.
  • Roundness in tooth form that occurs during bias compensation is automatically compensated by predicting it
  • Burning during high performance grinding can be prevented with wet grinding

CNC Control on All Axes Eliminates the Need for Conventional Cutter Resharpening Skills

  • Experience, intuition, and know-how, which were conventionally required for resharpening cutters, are no longer necessary.
  • 5 types of dressings (tooth profile, second dressing, outside diameter, run-out elimination, and rear face) are fully CNC-controlled.
  • The exact value of the wheel outside diameter and tooth profile information are controlled by the CNC. (The tooth profile is defined by dress-teaching function.)

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model ZA30A
Shaving cutter Outer diameter mm Φ150 to Φ350
Module   1 to 14
Max. face width mm 60(opt.70)
Max. pressure angle deg 0 to 25
Helix angle deg ±35
Control Cutter spin, table Simultaneously controlled 2 axes
Dressing forward/back, up/down Simultaneously controlled 2 axes
Grinding wheel diameter mm Φ650 to Φ760
Table feedrate mm/min 1 to 9.000
Grinding wheel dressing device Single-point diamond nib
Grinding wheel spindle motor kW 1.5
Floor to work center height mm 1,040
Machine weight kg 8.500


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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