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Gear shaping machine ST series


An Innovative Mechanism, a Single Shaping Machine Cuts Workpieces in Multiple Patterns

Photograph of the gear shaper ST series

Gear shaper ST series


No Helical Guide Equipped

  • Various gear cuttings, from spur gears to helical gears having different specifications, are possible with a single gear shaper in a quite easy manner.
  • Shaping various types of helical gear cuttings does not require guide replacement; helix angle is easily set as desired through NC programming.

Excellent Responsiveness And High Productivity

  • Introduced a newly developed high-speed response control system and innovated the whole drive mechanism to realize a guideless mechanism.
  • Maximum spindle speed of 1,000 strokes/min (ST25CNC) makes high-speed cutting possible and improves the productivity.

Incorporated with an Elevating Cutter Head

  • Equipped with an elevating cutter head as standard to eliminate the need for substantially protruding the cutter spindle during machining, in which the height of machined portion of the workpiece from the table top surface fluctuates. (ST40CNC)

Drastically Shortened Setup Time Contributes to Easy Operability

  • Best suited for a factory specialized in making part prototypes for automobiles or motorcycles and small shops producing different types of gears.
  • Work data and cutting data can be input on the Data Input Screen in an easy manner.
  • After inputting data, our conversational programming software automatically sets all the cutting conditions.
  • Cutting conditions are easy to change in a manual manner.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model ST25 ST40
Max. workpiece diameter Extemal gear mm Φ250 Φ400
Internal gear mm Φ120 Φ250
Max. module mm 6 8
Max. gear width mm 60 115
Cutter stroke min-1 120 to 1,000 60 to 500
No. of stroke shift   Infinite variable
Rotary feedrate(4°cutter) mm/min 3 to 5,300 2.5 to 3,200
Number of cuts 1 to 4
Cutter spindle diameter mm Φ100 Φ110
Controlled axes 6
Main motor kW 10 12
Machine weight kg 7,000 8,000


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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