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Gear shaping machine ST40A


The more advanced programmable lead guide gear shaper ST40A, incorporating a CNC relieving mechanism, realizes the programmed shaping of tapered and/or crown gears through the use of a newly developed NC relieving mechanism.

Photograph of Gear shaping machine ST40

Gear shaper ST series


Programmable Lead Guide with CNC Relieving (Optional)

  • The programmable lead guide is the most important feature of the ST series. It incorporates advanced high-speed and high-precision NC control technologies to allow for spindle movement based on the helix angle of the cutter. This enables flexible production of helical gears with either a left-hand or right-hand helix at a different helix angle, in addition to spur gears.
  • The ST40A's CNC relieving mechanism enables the shaping of tapered and/or crown gears, for the production of gears with higher added value.

High Flexibility to Support All Gear Types

  • The built-in software simplifies the production of a variety of special gears including double-gear clusters.
  • The wide cutter stroke (30 to 600 strokes/min) supports both productivity-focused high-speed cutting and low-speed cutting for rigid gears.

High Flexibility

  • The quick return function (optional) improves the spindle return speed for cycle time reduction, thus eliminating the need for changing the cutting conditions.

Easier Operation

  • The built-in programming software automatically sets cutting conditions, so you can cut gears only by entering the specifications of the workpiece and cutter.
  • The operation panel uses easy-to-use pushbutton switches and a high-visibility liquid crystal display (LCD). On the LCD, the built-in software displays dedicated conversational programming screens based on Microsoft Windows graphical user interface for user friendly operation.
  • The swivel type operation panel improves operability.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model ST40
Max. workpiece diameter Extemal gear mm Φ400
Internal gear mm Φ400
Max. face width of gear mm 115
Cutter stroke (Infinitely variable) min-1 30 to 600
No. of stroke shift   Infinite variable
Rotary feed mm/min 2.5 to 3,200
Number of cuts 1 to 4
Cutter spindle diameter mm Φ110
Controlled axes 6(7)
Main motor capacity (Continuous rating) kW 30
Machine mass kg 8,000

Note:The limit values for these items are determined by the face width, helix angle, number of strokes per minutes, feed and other items.


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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