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Large dia-size gear shaping machine SEA1600


A highly reliable machine with static pressure bearings (high rigidity and durability) used in both the cutter head and the table.

 The photograph of the Large dia-size gear shaping machine SEA1600

Large dia-size gear shaping machine SEA1600


Processes both internal and external gears for workpieces up to diameter of φ1600 mm and a gear width of up to 350 mm.

  • A 800 mm axial stroke enables the use of workpieces of a wide range of specifications.

Main spindle quick return mechanism included as standard equipment.

  • A new main spindle quick return mechanism and reduced return time for the special gear-shaper cutter enable cycle time to be shortened by 10 to 30%.

(Options) An optional ATC can be added, and a stocker for four sets of cutter arbors is available for the rear of the machine.

  • Change even large, heavy cutters easily and automatically.
  • Auto switch between rough and finishing cutters, even during the processing cycle.

(Option) A base tangent length measuring device can also be installed, with the measurement probe moved and measured using a 2-axis NC.

  • Final processing based on in-process measurements achieves target tooth thickness in one cycle.
  • Manually switch between internal-external gear measurements.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item Specifications Remarks
Max. workpiece diameter External gear: mm φ1,600 Relieving direction change
Internal gear: mm φ1,600
Max. module mm 25  
Max. gear width mm 350
(Max. stroke width: 385)
Main spindle stroke str/min 12 to 90  
Rotary speed mm/str 1 to 4  
Radial travel mm 0 to 1,300  
Radial feed speed mm/str 0.0001 to 0.02  
Radial rapid feed speed mm/min 3,000  
Max. table speed min-1 3.0  
Table diameter mm φ1,500  
Max. table load kg 20,000 Not including weight of table
Axial travel mm 800  
Main motor (continuous rating) kW 52  
NC software Color display
Auto programming function
Cutting condition input
No. of NC axes 7 (Option)
Additional 2 axes with a base tangent length measuring device attached
NC system FANUC Series 31i-B + PANEL i  
W×D×H mm 6,700×6,850×5,450  
Total electrical use kVA 100  
Unit weight kg 50,000 Standard specifications

Specifications are subject to change.

Contact us regarding 1200- and 2000-mm workpiece diameters.


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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