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Dry-cut gear shaping machine SE series


Next Step of Complete Dry-Cut Gear Shaping Machine

Photograph of the dry-cut gear shaping machine SE series

Dry-cut gear shaping machine SE series


Modularized Loaders Facilitate Production Line Configuration

  • The modularized peripheral equipment and conveyor system facilitate production line configuration and its layout change. As a result, time required for setup is minimized.
  • Two models are available to meet your specific production needs.
    • Type I: Flat-front type suitable for hand-loading of workpieces
    • Type II: Narrow-width type for automated production line

Vibration Suppressed Silent Shaft Enables High Speed Cutting

  • The SE15A has a maximum cutting speed of 2,000 strokes/min (SE25A: 1,800 strokes/min)
  • Employed silent shaft suppresses vibrations during high-speed machining.
  • Super-dry pinion cutters are used.

A High Rigidity Bed and Full Measures Against Chips

  • Completely sealed machining space
  • Steeply inclined internal covers
  • Optimally positioned internal chip conveyer
  • Bed structure design aiming at better chip control
    Based on our experiences with dry-cut machining, thorough measures are implemented in this machine.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model SE15A SE25A
Max. work piece diameter mm Φ150 Φ250
Max. module mm 4 6
Max. gear width mm 32 60
Cutter stroke min-1 400 to 2,000 300 to 1,800
Radial cutting feed mm -30 to 195 -60 to 270
Max. table speed min-1 33.3 30
Total electric power kW 7.5
Machine weight kg 5,500 7,500


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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