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Double-column, 5-face milling machine MVR・Dx series


MVR・Dx Series: Top of Class Cutting Capability

Photograph of vertical precision five-face milling machine MVR Dx series

Vertical precision five-face milling machine MVR・Dx series

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The Larger Cutting Depth Yields More Cutting Volume

  • All major structures, such as column, bed, saddle, cross-rail and ram, are cast-finished.
  • The wide guide surfaces ensure stable movements. (X-axis: hydrostatic guide surfaces, Y-axis: roller guides, Z and W-axis: sliding guide surfaces)
  • 3-D FEM analysis is leveraged for the structure design. The logical design and arrangement of ribs ensures high rigidity required for stable cutting ability.

Unsurpassed Cutting Speed

  • X-axis rapid traverse rate: 24 m/min, Y-axis rapid traverse rate: 30 m/min, Z-axis rapid traverse rate: 15 m/min, W-axis rapid traverse: 3 m/min
  • A high-speed ATC is adopted. ATC is possible at any W-axis position.
  • Enhanced AAC operation speed

A Variety of Attachments to Meet Every Machining Need

  • Basic attachments
    In addition to basic attachments including extension milling head, right angle head, and universal head, special types of attachments are also supported.
  • Attachment rack for automatic change operation
    The attachment rack stores up to 5 attachments including a dummy plate.

A Wide Ranging Product Portfolio

  • MVR28/34Dx Distance between columns 2800 mm Y-axis stroke 3400 mm
  • MVR33/39Dx Distance between columns 3300 mm Y-axis stroke 3900 mm
  • MVR38/44Dx Distance between columns 3800 mm Y-axis stroke 4400 mm
  • MVR43/49Dx Distance between columns 4300 mm Y-axis stroke 4900 mm
  • MVR48/54Dx Distance between columns 4800 mm Y-axis stroke 5400 mm

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model MVR28/34Dx MVR33/39Dx MVR38/44Dx MVR43/49Dx MVR48/54Dx
Table Working area mm 2,000×4,000 2,500×4,000 3,000×5,000 3,500×5,000 4,000×5,000
Loading capacity kg/m 25,000/4.0 35,000/5.0
Throat clearance between columns mm 2,800 3,300 3,800 4,300 4,800
Distance from spindle end to table surface mm 2,050 3,050
Ram Size mm 400
Spindle speed min-1 7 to 4,000
Spindle motor output kW VAC 37/45 (opt. 45/55) (con./30-min.rating)
Tool storage capacity (ATC) 60 (opt.80,100,120, 160,200,240)
Machine weight kg 107,000 110,000 118,000 121,000 125,000


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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