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Improve the quality of Die-Mold machining surface

MVR・Fx achieves high quality surface without any surface steps and increases the productivity by reducing the need of hand finishing.

Shorten the lead time of Die-Mold manufacturing

MVR・Fx reproduces shapes of machining data precisely and can manufacture the Die-Mold which accurately reflects the designer's intention. In addition, customers can accumulate their technical data and database their know-how by combining 3D measuring system and MVR・Fx. Therefore, MVR・Fx reduces the number of trial manufacture, which then leads to shorter delivery time and reduction of man-hour.

Features and Technology

Zero Gap Drive System

Servomotors are directly connected to both ends of ball screws. “Zero Gap Drive System” prevents the loss of motion accuracy from backlash and minimizes the wobble of machining path.

Zero Gap Drive System
Zero Gap Drive System

Rigid Structure

MVR・Fx has Double-Column structure without the vibration during even high acceleration and deceleration.
Rigid Structure

Structure to Improve Accuracy

MVR・Fx has the structure which removes it's distortion and the deformation during movement to get “ZERO” form error machining surface.
Structure to Improve Accuracy

Thermal Effect Shut Out Structure

  • Internal Spindle Cooling System

    Temperature controlled oil cools the spindle inside directly. Internal spindle cooling system prevents spindle thermal displacement and deterioration of rotating accuracy due to heat during high speed spindle rotation (20,000 rpm). Therefore thermal displacement becomes unnecessary. In addition spindle vibration during rotation is minimized from any temperature difference between inner and outer ring of spindle bearing.

  • Rigid Symmetrical Structure

    Machine body has rigid symmetrical structure to prevent the deterioration of Die-Mold machining accuracy due to its thermal deformation.

  • Thermally Stabilized Column

    Thermally stabilized column is standard. It will have less affect on temperature change.

Thermally Stabilized Column

Die-Mold Machining Solution

  • “Optical Image Type Tool Measuring System”

    It measures tool cutting edge continuously that directly affects the machining accuracy. It enables an automatic judgment thermal displacement of machine, holder and tool is stable.


    Optical Image Type Tool Measuring System

  • “Optical 3D Workpiece Measuring System”

    Optical 3D Workpiece Measuring System (ex: ATOS etc.) to measure a machined workpiece automatically and check its accuracy in 3D shaped surface is available.

  • “Machine Condition Sign Diagnostic System”

    Machine Condition Sign Diagnostic System utilizing IoT is available for early detecting of machine abnormity.

Factory Friendly Concept

Machines are designed with our newly propose “Factory Friendly Concept”, to be operator and environmentally friendly.

  • Coolant full enclosure is standard considering for operator's safety and environment. Operator can easily approach the workpiece on the table from the both side of machine and easily load/unload the workpiece to/from the machine by opening full enclosure.
  • Maintenance related equipment and devices are located in an area for operators or maintenance members to allow easy access to them.
  • A LED light is incorporated for energy savings.
  • Reduction of oil and air consumption
Factory Friendly Concept


Machine specifications
Distance between columns mm  in 2,550  100.4 3,050  120.1
Distance from table top to spindle nose mm  in 1,650 (Std.)  2,000 (Opt.)
Table work surface Width mm  in 2,000  78.7 2,500  98.4
Length Std. mm  in 3,000  118.1 4,000  157.5
Opt. mm  in 4,000  5,000
157.5  196.9
Table load capacity ton  lbs 20
25 (Std.)  30 (Opt.)
55,000  66,000
Axis travel Table longitudinal
Std. mm  in 3,200  126.0 4,200  165.4
Opt. mm  in 4,200  5,200
165.4  204.7
Saddle crosswise
mm  in 3,000  118.1 3,500  137.8
Ram vertical
mm  in 800  31.5
Crossrail vertical
mm  in 1,100 (*1)  1,300 (*2)
Spindle Ram size mm  in □420  □16.5
Nose taper HSK-A63
Speed rpm 20,000
Output (30min./Cont.) kW  HP 22/18.5  30/25
ATC Number of tools 40
Cutting feed m/min  ipm 15 (Std.)  20 (Opt.)
591  787
Rapid traverse Table longitudinal
m/min  ipm 20  787
Saddle crosswise
m/min  ipm 20  787
Ram vertical
m/min  ipm 15  591
Crossrail vertical
m/min  ipm 5  197

Note *1) Distance from table top to spindle nose: 1,650 mm
*2) Distance from table top to spindle nose: 2,000 mm


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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