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Super Skiving Machine MSS300


Benefits of Introduction

Solving Problems of Conventional Internal Gear Cutting with Our Super Skiving System

Four Benefits of Super Skiving System

  • Much faster than gear shapers
  • Lowest tool cost
  • Stable tool life
  • High-precision machining
Cutting time (s)
Machining precision (ISO grade)

Comparison of Internal Gear Cutting Methods

Using Different Cutters Depending on Application

The Super Skiving Cutting Machine MSS300 supports conventional pinion cutters as well as MHI Super Skiving cutter. The cutter type is dependent on the shape and type of the workpiece.

Super Skiving cutters
Super Skiving cutters
Super Skiving cutters
Pinion cutter
Pinion cutter

Advanced Technologies

High-Rigidity Feed System
  • For its three linear axes, the system uses a wide guideway with excellent vibration damping performance and rigidity.
  • For the Z-axis, the system uses a twin CNC servo design, dramatically improving rigidity during cutting feed in comparison with conventional systems.
    It also contributes to energy saving because hydraulic cylinders are no longer used.
Wide guideway with excellent rigidity
Wide guideway with excellent rigidity

Wide guideway with excellent rigidity

Pinion cutter
Twin CNC servo design (Z axis)
Excellent Accuracy Due to symmetrical Structure

The MSS300 has a symmetrical structure to ensure excellent positioning accuracy and stable high-precision machining.

It is a well-balanced machine that considers the flow of heat as well as the flow of force.

High Rigidity and High Accuracy Main Spindle and Table Spindle
  • The MSS300 has a direct drive spindles that use high-torque synchronous motors.
  • High precision rotary encoders, previously proven with our gear grinding machines, are utilized.
    These realize precision synchronous control and highly accurate machining.
  • These spindles are cooled by shaft-core cooling to provide stable high-speed rotation.
Direct drive spindles
Direct drive spindles
Chip Removal

The MSS300 uses a center trough structure, directly carrying chips from right under the machining point to the chip conveyor.
This minimizes thermal deformation of the bed to an extreme degree, realizing stable machining with minimal dimensional changes.

Direct drive spindles
Center trough structure
Machining Simulation Software

The machining simulation software supports both pinion cutters and Super Skiving cutters.
It provides an estimation of the chip shape and the cutting force applied during machining.
Moreover, it has a simulation capability, allowing you to preview the change in the effective rake angle of the cutter during machining, and to predict wear patterns on the cutter.

Direct drive spindles
Simulation software

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item Specifications
Max. work piece diameter Φ300 mm
Module range 0.5-4.0 mm
Max. main spindle speed 6,000 min-1
Main spindle motor output 33 kW (continuous rated value)
Max. table speed 3,000 min-1
Cutter head turning angle (A axis) ±30°
Machine mass 18,000 kg
Machine dimensions W 4,550 × D 3,200 × H 3,000