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MPLN series Narrow type



small space Get high accuracy by mounting MP Scale at best position,as it is narrow with buit-in pre-amp.
No air purge Unaffected by dust, oil and condensation. Air purge is unnecessary.
Against heat Since same heat expansion ratio with machine, strong to thermal expansion.
Stabel for a long time No-contact! Stable high accuracy lasted for a long time.
absolute Absolute detection is possible combining with battery backed-up encoder on the feed motor. (In case of FANUC and Mitsubishi CNC)
CNC Connectable with various NC's(FANUC, Mitsubishi CNC, SIEMENS, Mitsubishi servo)

Note) This Scale is not connectable like MPS-C for long stroke.




Position detection for linear axis of small machine.

Application of MPLN series
Application of MPLN series

Scale Type

Scale Type

Slider Type

Slider Type
Standard wiring output of Scale and Slider Reverse wiring output of Scale Reverse wiring outpt of Slider


Scale type Effective stroke Accuracy *1 Length Weight *2
Scale MPLN-25ASC 175mm 4μm 252mm 0.5kg
MPLN-32ASC 245mm 4μm 322mm 0.7kg
MPLN-45ASC 375mm 5μm 452mm 1.0kg
MPLN-62ASC 545mm 6.5μm 622mm 1.4kg
Slider MPLN-75DSL 73.8mm 0.2kg

Applicable A/D converter
NC Type Output signal Resolution Max. speed
FANUC ADB-K64FM Serial I/F 0.01μm 1800m/min
Mitsubishi CNC 0.05μm
Various equipment ADB-20J10 Digital A, B and
Z phase output
0.1μm 80m/min
ADB-20J30 Analog A/B, digital Z phase 10μm/1 cycle
SIN wave

*1: Position error shows peak-to-peak. Interpolation error (Error within Scale 1 pitch) is not included.
*2: Wiring is not included in weight.

Mounting Example

Possible to mount narrow space getting highly precise by MPLN series - narrow type LINEAR MP SCALE.

Mounting Example




Type Length Stroke Number of mounting hole Mounting holes Cable length Existence of connector mounted
A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1
Scale MPLN-25ASC 252 175 3 242.3 128 13.7 1.5m Attached
MPLN-32ASC 322 245 4 312.3 198 128 13.7
MPLN-45ASC 452 375 5 442.3 312.3 242.3 128 13.7
MPLN-62ASC 622 545 6 612.3 470.9 356.6 242.3 128 13.7
Slider MPLN-75DSL 2

At designing mounting, please require and refer to the scale mounting drawing.


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