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HOMEProductsGear Cutting MachineDry-cut gear hobbing machine for mass production GE10A

Dry-cut gear hobbing machine for mass production GE10A


High Productivity for Automotive Industries

Dry-cut gear hobbing machine for mass production GE10A
Dry-cut gear hobbing machine for mass production GE10A


High Productivity - 7sec. cycle time for short pinion

High speed spindle ,table and feed

  • Direct drive motors are used for cutter spindle and table rotation.
  • Spindle RPM: 3,500min-1 (Optional 7,000min-1 )
  • Table RPM: 500 min-1 (Optional 2,000min-1) for minimum machining time.
  • X/Z axis Max. Rapid Feed: 20,000mm/min for reduced non machining times.

High speed part changer

  • High speed auto part changer achieves chip to chip time within 2 seconds.
  • 3rd station can be used not only as an unloading position but also for integrated chamfering / gear checking (Optional)
High speed part changer

High Accuracy

  • Mitsubishi's unique cooling system, utilized for spindle and table bearing.
  • System prevents thermal displacement of hob head.
  • For high rigidity, reduced distance between cutter spindle and table bearing.
cooling system

Optimized Production through Minimized Downtime

Quick change features

Newly developed automation jaw design
  • Bolt-less design permits jaw change in 1 minute.
Quick change cutting tool system
  • Cutter changes in less than 1.5 minute.
Quick change fixture system (Optional)
  • Wrench free, push button changing of clamping fixtures in less than 1 minute.
  • Less machine down time via quick change systems.

300mm tooth length hob cutter improves tool life by 70%*

*Compared to conventional machine : tooth length 175mm
3rd station
MAX 300mm tooth length cutter

Auto tool changer (Optional)

  • Three easy steps to change the hob cutter during machining cycle at tool change area.
  • Only 1.5 minutes to load / unload the hob cutter to the spindle by pushing one button.
  • Ergonomically opimum design for tool load / unload.
  • Continuous running can be realized by ATC with gear checker (Optional).
ATC - Outside machine
ATC - Inside machine
Gear checker for 3rd station (Optional)

Energy Saving, Clean Environment

  • Internal guarding designs to shed chips efficiently.
  • Bed has wide openings to remove hot chips smoothly, and avoid chip accumulation in the machine.
  • Energy saving circuit is equipped as standard.
Wide opening designed bed


Item/Model GE10A
Maximum part diameter mm 100
Maximum part diametral pitch Module 3
Maximum hob size (diameter × tooth length) mm φ100 x 300
Hob shift travel mm 280
Maximum hob speed min-1 3500 (Std) , 7000 (Opt)
Axial travel mm 200
Radial travel mm 350
Radial & Axial rapid traverse mm/min 20000
Tailstock stroke mm 250
Hob head swivel angle ±45°
Hob spindle motor kW 17
Maximum Table speed min-1 500 (Std) , 2000 (Opt)
Machine mass kg 14000
Power Supply kVA 91
Controled axis





Hob head swivel

Table rotation

Hob shift

Part changer rotation (Opt.)





Radial feed

Axial feed

Tailstock stroke (Opt.)


Note:Maxmum hob size (diameter x tooth length) is determinied by part module, fixture design and other items.


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760