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Horizontal boring mill MAF-C series


Evolved in Every Aspect, the Future is in this New Model

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Whole Cast Structure Realizes Superb Rigidity

  • High-rigidity is achieved through wholly cast-finished major structures and hydrostatic bearings employed for guide surfaces for all axes.
  • Full-power 55-kW machining is possible at the Y-axis height of 2500 mm.
  • 4-face hydrostatic bearing constraint achieves high-rigidity of the compact □420 mm ram.
Drawing of the 3D FEM analysis model

3D FEM analysis model

Highest Cutting Speed in its Class

  • Rapid traverse speed of 15 m/min (Z and W axes) and 20 m/min (X and Y axes) are the highest speed in its class
  • Spindle speed of 2500 min-1 is the highest in its class
  • ATC time and AAC time are reduced more than 50% compared to conventional models to 25 sec. and 60 sec., respectively.
2. Conceptual image of the column and bed

2. Conceptual image of the column and bed

Photograph of the high-speed ATC

3. Image of the high-speed ATC

A New Balancing Mechanism Enables More Accurate Cutting

Replacing the conventional perfect balance mechanism which uses counter-balancing method, is our new balance mechanism in which our unique column tension bar is adopted to achieve cutting with higher accuracy.

Image of the compensated straightness of Z/Y-axes

Image of the compensated straightness of Z/Y-axes

User Friendly Refinements Abound

  • Employed □420-mm RAM improves the machine's accessibility.
  • Our unique machining support software (5-face machining, simplified aligning) is further enriched and helps operators create machining programs.
  • Lubrication unit and other maintenance equipment are concentrated around the column workbench to reduce workload in daily maintenance.

A Wide Variety of Attachments and Layouts Mean Optimum Machining

We offer optimum machine layout (i.e. combined use with rotary table) plans as well as a wide variety of attachments that satisfy customers’ complex machining needs.

Universal head

Universal head

Boring tool head

Boring tool head

Surfacing head

Surfacing head

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Boring spindle diameter Φ150 mm Φ180 mm
Spindle end taper 7/24 taper ISO50
Spindle speed 6~2,500 min-1
Travels Ramstock in/out 1,250 min (Z·axis)
  Boring spindle in/out 1,000 min (W·axis)
  Saddle Vertical 3,000 min (Y·axis)
(Option 4,000 mm 5,000 mm)
  Column Horizontal 5,000 min (X·axis)
(Option 7,000 mm to 21,000 mm 2,000 mm/each)
Feed rate NC feed rate 1~10,000 mm/min
Rapid traverse Z/W·axes 15,000 mm/min
X/Y·axes 20,000 mm/min
Feed thrust force Common to all axes 40,000 N
Maximum spindle output (cont./30 min. rating) 55/75 kW (Option 80/100 kW)
Maximum spindle torque (cont.) 5,200 N·m (Option 7,200 N·m)


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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