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Machining cell M-CM4B /M-CM5B


Highly Adaptable for Process Intensive Production of Varying Workpiece Models and Volumes

Photograph of the machining cell M-CM4B

machining cell M-CM4B


Highly Reliable Narrow-Frontage Machining Cell for High Volume Production

Major specifications of the narrow-width machining cell for high-volume production
High, stable productivity is maintained with outstanding reliability. (Rapid traverse 60 m/min spec.)

  • Spindle speed: 12,000 min-1
    • Spindle ready time: 1.2 sec.
    • ATC: next tool changed during machining
  • Peripheral equipment is concentrated on the rear
    • Control panel is placed on the side face
  • High-capacity center trough
    • Metal XY cover, and more

Supports Process Intensive Production with its Versatility and Flexibility for Various Systems

The machining cell is applicable for a wide variety of systems as in the machining examples below.

  • One machining cell is capable of performing processes by itself that would otherwise require multiple transfer machines.
  • Multi-model FTL type: external setups are performed during machining. Workpieces are loaded on the transfer pallets.
  • Inline transfer type: Adoption of inline transfer system reduces transfer time. A single machine is used. (configuration using T&T)

Machine Specification

M-CM4B Series
Item/Model M-CM4B M-CM4B-W
Stroke X-axis mm 500 800
Y-axis mm 700 700
Z-axis mm 650 650
B-axis deg 360 360
Nose taper HSK-A63(opt.KM)
Spindle speed min-1 12,000
Spindle diameter mm Φ65
Rapid traverse rate (acceleration) X-axis m/min 60 (0.8G)
Y-axis m/min 60(1.0G)
Z-axis m/min 60(1.0G)
Tool storage capacity (ATC) 16 (opt.24) 32
Tool change time (ATC) sec 1.5(Tool to tool, tool weight 8kg)
Machine weight kg 10,000 12,000

(Notes) Please contact us for the M-CM5B Series

FTL & FMS production support system

  • We present practical examples of the FLT & FMS line, on which machining cells and special machine tools are incorporated.
  • We make proposals on process designs, jig designs, and tooling plans, and more.
  • We make proposals on the remote diagnostic system, the production information system, and more.
FTL&A practical example of the FTL & FMS production support system

A practical example of the FTL & FMS production support system

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Engine parts

Suspension parts

Suspension parts

FTL & FMS production system

Transmission parts

Transmission parts


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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