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Directed Energy Deposition AM System LAMDA series

Directed Energy Deposition AM System LAMDA series


High speed AM with original DED head

・The powder material is completely melted by the laser beam. The laser beam simultaneously melts a thin surface layer and a metallurgical fused bond is formed between the two.
・Metal powder is highly concentrated with the original powder jet nozzle
・High speed and accuracy are achieved by optimizing the laser optics
・DED is effective for manufacturing larger parts, repairing and printing different powders or functionally graded materials.
・By switching the powder from A to B, powder – DED can be used to create various shaped parts with compound or functionally graded materials.
・Unique materials, such as long life with low cost, etc. Could be developed.

*What is DED?
It is an acronym for Directed Energy Deposition. It is a method in which a powder of a material and a laser are irradiated at the same time, and an arbitrary part is melted, solidified and laminated. Also called LMD or Deposition.



The melt pool, which is the starting point for additive manufacturing, is monitored in real time and fed back to stabilize the melt pool state.

Local Shield

A nozzle with a unique shielding function enables molding in an inert gas environment.
Local Shield

Machine specifications

Item/Model LAMDA200
Max. AM dimensions mm 200×200×200
Laser output kW 1・2・4・6
Number of powder feeder hopper 1 (Max. 2 hoppers)
Inert gas shield Available
Spindle spec. Available
NC 2 axis table Available
Fixture cooling Available
Machine Size mm W1800 x D1400 x H2300
Machine Weight kg 1,650
For other sizes and specs, please contact the followings
This product was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool using the results of the technology development business commissioned by Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing (TRAFAM) from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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