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Mass-production cylindrical grinding machine P series


With Advanced Operability, a Cutting Edge Machine Suitable For High Throughput Mass Production Grinding

Photograph of the mass-production CNC cylindrical grinding machine P Series

Mass-production CNC cylindrical grinding machine P series


Even Novice Operators Can Easily Program and Operate

  • Optimized conditions are automatically set with the same degree of expertise as experienced operator. Adaptation control is utilized for the automatic measurement device, realizing automatic setups for speed switching points between the rough and the fine grindings even for the first workpiece model that has been time-consuming in conventional machines.
  • With conversational graphical programming software, data can be edited easily with minimum key commands.

High-Accuracy Grinding and Stable Quality

  • The advanced fluid technology, which has been developed over time in our Aircraft Division, is applied to the bearings of machining tool. This enables highly-rigid rotation to the order of a submicron and results in high-accuracy machining.

High Productivity

  • Wheel peripheral velocity of 60 m/s (or 80m/s, optional) realized high-speed heavy-duty grinding. The grinding wheel of 120 mm (or 145 mm, optional) width enables heavy-duty plunge grinding in a single stroke.
  • The high-speed locater has shortened the measurement time. Measurement by longitudinal locator takes only 4 seconds.

Easy Automation and Incorporation Into Production Line

  • Adoption of fixed-table design enabled narrow-width machine structure, facilitating automation and incorporation into production line.
  • Various autoloaders and robots are optionally available to meet your specific needs.

Excellent Performance and Solid Safety

  • Color LCD display is equipped as standard for enhanced visibility
  • Graphical displays of path check, machining area indications and so on ensures steady operations.
  • Safety is ensured by the triple checking functions (machining program, grinding path, and wheel motor overload detection).

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model PD23 PD32 Angular/Straight
Capability Swing mm Φ230 Φ320
Center distance mm 350 320 500 1,000 1,500
Max.Grinding DIA. mm Φ200 Φ300
Max.Workpiece Weight kg 50 150
Wheel Diameter mm Φ510 Φ510
Width mm 50
Peripheral speed m/s 60
Wheel spindle stock Rapid speed m/min Φ20
Head stock Spindle speed min-1 10 to 1000 10 to 800 10 to 500
Dresser Single-point diamond nib
Controlled axis Simultanceously controlled 2 axes
Motor Wheel drive motor kw 5.5
7.5 11
Main spindle motor kw 1.6 3.0
Machine weight Kg 4,500 6,500 7,000 8,500 10,000


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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