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Gear Shaving Cutters

The processing by shaving cutters is adopted for finishing a small amount of gear tooth surface after processing with hob and / or shaper cutter.
Among the four types of shaving processes including Conventional, Diagonal, Underpass and Plunge cut, Plunge cut is mostly applied in gear production lines of four-wheel vehicles and two-wheel vehicles because of its efficiency and longer tool life.
Super Coat Shaving Cutter and Fine Pitch Shaving Cutter in our lineup have demonstrated superior improvement in tool life and work piece accuracy.

Super coat shaving cutter


Cutter’s wear resistance is strengthened with Super coat

Roughness of serration largely unaffected by treatment

Minimized distortion of serration depth


Example of processing

Work m2.7, PA 20°, 68T, HA 28°, RH, O.D. 116mm
Tooth width 36mm, 18CrMo4
Cutter 79T, O.D. 225mm, MACH3+ Super Coat


Fine pitch shaving cutter

Example of processing

Extension of tool life and cost reduction with Fine pitch + material change + Super coat SVC

Work piece m1.7 PA17.5° HA36° NT45°
Cutter NT113 HA21°
Measure for improvement High rigidity, fine pitch, super coating
Cutting condition Rotational speed 220 rpm
feed amount 0.4 mm/min T1:2 T2:4 T3:4 BM:0.02 Plunge


Processed tooth surface with Fine Pitch SVC
(wear after processing 5500 units of work piece)


Processed tooth surface with SVC of other manufacturer
(wear after processing 1500 units of work piece)

Processing by shaving cutter

Adjust the crossed axes angle between a work piece processed with hob and / or shaper cutter and shaving cutter at 5° to 15°and rotate them after meshing each other; sliding motion of the tooth surface enables fine finishing with only a slight amount of cutting.
The processing by shaving cutter is largely applied in gear production lines of auto mobiles and construction machineries because of its cost efficiency.
This processing is performed only before heat treatment. On the other hand, profile grinding is performed after heat treatment

Processing by shaving cutter1

Processing by shaving cutter2

Conventional Processing

Processing by shaving cutter5

Processing by shaving cutter6

Underpass processing

Underpass processing1

Move the cutter from the lower location colored in blue to the upper location colored in red; contact point moves from left to right and enables the processing of the entire tooth.
In case of that the space between each gear is narrow, it may be difficult for conventional processing to be applied because of not enough crossing angle.
In such a case Underpass processing might be applied.

Underpass processing2

Diagonal processing

Diagonal processing1

Move the cutter to the arrow direction colored in red; If fed in diagonal direction, meshing point will move from right edge A to left edge B of a work piece.

Diagonal processing2

Plunge processing

Plunge processing

Sharpening method

Sharpening method

Shaving cutter grinder ZA30A

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