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Dry-cut gear hobbing machine GE series


Next Step of The World's First Complete Dry-Cut Hobbing Machine

Dry-cut gear hobbing machine GE series

Dry-cut gear hobbing machine GE series

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A Compact Hobbing Machine (GE06A): Increased Features and Decreased Outer Dimensions

  • Its narrow-width layout facilitates production line configuration. (Machine width: 1,450 mm, Depth: 2,315 mm)
  • Floor space for installation is reduced by 30% (compared to our conventional model)
  • Reduced cycle time of small-diameter gear cutting
  • A new high-speed workpiece changer (optional)

Modularized Peripheral Equipment Facilitates Production Line Configuration

  • Modularized peripheral equipment and transfer machines considerably facilitate production line configuration and layout changes.
  • Minimized setup time.
  • Two models available: Type I for square body; Type II for narrow-width design, suited for production line configuration.

High Speed Cutting Using Next Generation Super Dry Hob (Compliant With Recommended Cutting Conditions)

  • Advanced high-speed, high-feed machining is achieved by combining next-generation super dry hobbing machine with the high-speed specification feature (optional).

A Large Screen and Newly-Developed Software Improve Visibility and Operability

  • Equipped with 10.4-inch large LCD screen
  • Highly useful easy-input help feature with graphic user interface
  • Double-swivel operation panel installed on the right side face, making it accessible from the conveyor side.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model GE06A GE15A GE20A GE25A
Max. work piece diameter mm Φ60 Φ150 Φ200 Φ250
Max. cutting module mm  4 6
Axial travel mm 200 250(opt.400)
Radial travel mm 120 140
225 210
Hob Max. diameter mm Φ90 Φ110 Φ130
Max. length mm 150 180 230
Shift mm 130 150 180
Speed min-1 335 to 2,660
(opt.500 to 4,000)
200 to 2,000
(opt.300 to 3,000)
150 to 1,500
(opt.200 to 2,000)
Max. table speed min-1 500 300
Main motor kw 5.5 7.5
Machine weight kg 6,300 7,000 7,800 9,500


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