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Synchronous gear shaving machine FS30A


Introducing State of the Art Technologies Into Gear Shaving to Achieve Precision Machining

Photograph of the synchronous saving machine FS30

Synchronous gear shaving machine FS30A


Merits of Synchronous Control

  • Synchronous control has the following advantages :
    • High-accuracy: Tooth profile, tooth trace error, pitch error, and tooth space runout accuracies are all improved to JIS6 class (former JIS2 class)
    • High-efficiency: Cycle time is reduced by 30%. Machining is completed with the cutter’s rotation in only one direction. No reverse rotation is needed.
    • Cutter-Workpiece damage prevention: Prevents biased cutter abrasions or damage on the workpiece tooth face during cutter rotation start-up or at acceleration or deceleration in switching the rotation direction that would normally happen on a non-synchronized machine.

Features of the Machine

  • Cutter/workpiece rotation maintains high-accuracy synchronization, facilitating high-speed machining (Cutter rotation speed: Max. 500 min-1, Work rotation speed: Max. 3,000 min-1
  • Designed based on the shaving machine F series, its features and characteristics are inherited to the FS series. Modification of taper amount is possible through inputting numeric values into NC program data in an easy manner.。

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model FS30A
Max. work piece diameter mm / in Φ140 / Φ5.5
Max. cutting module 3
Max. face width Machining method plunge mm / in 40 / 1.5
Max. distance between centers mm / in 500 / 19.7
Distance between cutter and work piece centers mm / in 115 to 265 / 4.5 to 10.4
Cutter Max. diameter width mm / in Φ 250 × 50.8 / Φ9.8 × 2
Bore diameter mm / in Φ 63.5 / Φ2.5
Speed min-1 60 to 500
Controlled axes 5
Main motor kw Cutter drive motor 7.3
Work piece drive motor 7.5
Machine weight kg / lib 5,000 / 11,030


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760

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