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Fiber Laser Welding Head


Our unique arc and laser hybrid welding technology realizes an unprecedented level of welding quality.


Our proprietary arc and laser hybrid welding head provides the benefits of the two welding processes, "arc welding" that allows for padding and "laser welding" that features high speed with less strain.
Our fiber laser welding heads allow for welding in arbitrary directions that has been difficult with conventional welding technologies, realizing high-speed and stable padding with a sufficient penetration of weld metal.

Benefits of Arc Welding and Laser Welding Integrated into a Single System

Cutting capacity comparison
  • Our unique coaxial arc and laser technology enable the benefits of both arc and laser welding processes to be incorporated into a single system for the improvement of machining efficiency.
  • This technology can ease the required accuracy for the welding groove because the arc melts the laser-irradiated portion to provide a sufficient weld bead even if there is a slight gap.
  • The technology enables welding with a deeper penetration of weld metal than laser-only welding because the arc is concentrated in the key hole formed by the laser to produce a large heat input.

Coaxial Arc and Laser Technology for Welding in Arbitrary Directions

General welding systems that perform horizontal arc welding only allow for padding in a fixed direction.
On the other hand, our welding heads are designed to supply the arc from the central axis in the same way as the laser beam, allowing for padding in a free 3-dimensional trajectory independent of the direction in which the arc is supplied.

Use of a Fiber Laser as the Light Source for All Operations

The system uses a fiber laser to solve the problems inherent to conventional welding technologies such as the quality, speed, and cost of welding.

  • Smooth and fine weld bead due to continuous radiation with a continuous-wave laser
  • Strong resistance to leakage due to a low probability of blowhole generation even in butt welding
  • Less welding strain due to a small spot diameter and light-collecting density of the laser
  • Process monitoring, seamless tracking, and other options to enable accurate welding depending on the welding conditions


※These products are sold in a package with the oscillator specified.

TIG-YAG hybrid welding head

Head dimensions 560 mm x 90 mm square
Mass 6kg
Focal distance 165mm
Applied output power 6 kW max.
Light-collecting magnification x1.0
Features Welding of galvanized steel sheets
Welding of non-ferrous materials (Al, Cu, Ti)
Main applications Welding of galvanized steel sheets
Welding of non-ferrous materials (Al, Cu, Ti)
TIG-YAG hybrid welding head

MIG-YAG hybrid welding head

Head dimensions 465 mm x 100 mm diameter
Mass 5kg
Focal distance 190mm
Applied output power 6 kW max.
Light-collecting magnification x1.7
Features Improved gap tolerance, welding speed can be increased
Welding with low strain (Comparison with conventional MIG welding)
Main applications Thick structural materials
High-speed welding of aluminum parts
MIG-YAG hybrid welding head

Laser welding head

Head dimensions 580 mm x 90 mm square
Mass 14kg
Focal distance 250mm/300mm/350mm
Applied output power 20 kW max.
Light-collecting magnification x1.5
Features Head structure design for high power output
Stable welding quality by suppressing the change in the focal distance.
Ability to weld thick plates due to the long depth of focus
Main applications High output power (20 kW max.) Welding of stainless steel with low strain
Laser welding head

Coaxial laser brazing head

Head dimensions 470 mm x 110 mm diameter
Mass 5kg
Focal distance 140mm
Applied output power 6 kW max.
Light-collecting magnification x1.3
Features 3-dimensional welding through coaxial laser and wire technology
Brazing with excellent penetration up to narrow portions
Main applications Seal joining.(Automobile trunk lid etc.)
Coaxial laser brazing head

Oscillator for Fiber Laser Welding

Output power
(Manufactured by IPG Photonics)
QBH connector
Fiber coupler
1.0 YLS-1000-CT Standard equipment Standard equipment
1.5 YLS-1500-CT
2.0 YLS-2000-CT
3.0 YLS-3000-CT
4.0 YLS-4000-CT
5.0 YLS-5000-CT
6.0 YLS-6000-CT
7.0 YLS-7000-CT
8.0 YLS-8000-CT
10.0 YLS-10000-CT


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