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Fiber Laser Machining System


The combination of the arc and laser hybrid welding head and the control technology that we have developed through its experience in machine tool engineering enables complex machining.


Our fiber laser machining systems provide the path memory function that uses a teaching system to automate a complex machining process, in addition to the automatic machining of round and long workpieces in combination with a robot system or 5-axis machine.

Standard System

System configuration

The standard system consists of our fiber laser head and oscillator, an articulated robot, and a teaching system controller.
System configuration


  • Easy visual positioning of machining points with the observation camera and laser marker
  • Easy-to-operate joystick for control of the front end of the head
  • Improved safety through remote teaching on the monitor
  • Improved usability through the addition/change of teaching points from the dedicated control unit
  • Improved welding quality through the support of real-time (manual) trajectory correction
High quality and high productivity
  • Deep penetration with low strain in welding or hybrid welding
  • Improved welding quality by controlling the welding conditions in conjunction with teaching points
  • Improved quality by controlling the slow up/down of laser power output and the output of the arc current
  • High-quality welding through automatic groove tracking (optional)
Space saving
  • Space saver through the use of a fiber laser(approx. 60% in volume ratio in comparison with CO2 laser systems)
  • No dedicated system control panel needed
High-speed welding
  • Improved welding speed through hybrid (laser and arc) welding(approx. 300% or more in comparison with arc welding systems)
  • Reduced set-up time through the use of automatic groove tracking (optional) that eliminates the need for fine-tuning teaching points

Teaching system

Easy teaching with a joystick
Teaching system
Easy and reliable teaching system with a joystick

The teaching system has a joystick that enables easy teaching while looking at the groove (welding line) on the monitor.
Therefore, operators without professional teaching knowledge and skills can perform teaching easily and accurately.

Flexible and quick set-up change for high-mix low-volume production

Creating a single teaching program for the master workpiece enables the operator to correct strain, displacement, or other failures quickly in real time while looking at the monitor without the need for recreating it for high-mix low-volume production.

Significant Reduction in Teaching Time
  1. Teaching system 1
    On the monitor, check the groove line and central points generated by the line generator and correct strain and displacement.
  2. Teaching system 2
    In real-time correction using the joystick, move the groove line to the descent point and correct strain and displacement.
  3. Teaching system 3
    Use the joystick to correct strain and displacement in an intuitive manner to complete teaching.
  4. Teaching system 4
    Start your operation. The system can perform highly accurate teaching in a short time, which is needed for laser welding.

Special System

Robot based welding system

Featuring a high degree of freedom and high-speed machining, a robot based system is very easy to use.
It consists of an articulated robot with up to six axes and a tilt table that work together to machine round, long, or complex workpiece shapes while avoiding interference.

Robot based welding system 1 Robot based welding system 2 Robot based welding system 3

Machine-tool based welding system

Featuring excellent machine rigidity, a machine-tool based welding system is applicable to welding/cutting applications that require higher speed and higher accuracy.
As a leading machine tool builder in Japan, we utilizes its high-speed and high-precision positioning technology to get the most out of its laser products.
Main application: Automobile body, Vessel parts

Machine-tool based welding system 1 Machine-tool based welding system 2 Machine-tool based welding system 3


Machine specification
Item Specification Remarks
Articulated robot Payload capacity 80 kg  
Robot controller Autonomous 6-axis control  
Laser oscillator 1.0 to 10.0 kW Select a suitable oscillator from the table below.
Fiber cable 10 m (φ0.1 to 0.2 mm) 50 m max.
Chiller Water-cooled  
Fiber laser head
* Types of heads listed on the right can be mounted.
Laser welding head Available with 20.0 kW max.
TIG-YAG head Available with 6.0 kW max.
MIG-YAG head Available with 6.0 kW max.
Brazing head Available with 6.0 kW max.
Laser cutting head Available with 6.0 kW max.
Welding head cooling system Tap water circulation  
Imaging camera CCD camera  
Line generator Reference line (Cross line / Circle)  
Monitor 17-inch LCD  
Control unit Control unit with joystick  
Welding power supply 30 to 350 A TIG-YAG / MIG-YAG / Brazing
Wire feeder Wire diameter φ0.8 to 1.4 mm MIG-YAG / Brazing

Oscillator for Fiber Laser Machining System

Output power
(Manufactured by IPG Photonics)
QBH connector
Fiber coupler
1.0 YLS-1000-CT Standard equipment Standard equipment
1.5 YLS-1500-CT
2.0 YLS-2000-CT
3.0 YLS-3000-CT
4.0 YLS-4000-CT
5.0 YLS-5000-CT
6.0 YLS-6000-CT
7.0 YLS-7000-CT
8.0 YLS-8000-CT
10.0 YLS-10000-CT


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