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Fiber Laser Cutting Head


Our unique optical system creates an optimal beam profile for cutting to ensure high efficiency and clean manufacturing.


Exceptional Beam Intensity to Realize a High-quality Cut Surface

  • Our proprietary beam profiling technology is optimized for cutting and dramatically improves the cutting capacity per oscillator output.
  • This contributes to downsizing the oscillator that tends to be expensive.

Cutting capacity comparison

Cutting capacity comparison

Surface cut comparison

  conventional product our product
Surface cut Surface cut of conventional product Surface cut of our product
Material Mild steel (25 mm) Mild steel (25 mm)
Output power 5kW 2kW
Assist gas Oxygen Oxygen


Head dimensions 580mm×φ90mm
Mass 14Kg
Focal distance BK-S 250mm
BK-M 300mm
BK-L 350mm
Applied output power 10 kW max.
Light-collecting magnification x1.5

※These products are sold in a package with the oscillator specified.

Oscillator for Fiber Laser Cutting Head
Oscillator for Fiber Laser Cutting Head
Output power
(Manufactured by IPG Photonics)
QBH connector
Fiber coupler
1.0 YLS-1000-CT Standard equipment Standard equipment
1.5 YLS-1500-CT
2.0 YLS-2000-CT
3.0 YLS-3000-CT
4.0 YLS-4000-CT
5.0 YLS-5000-CT
6.0 YLS-6000-CT
7.0 YLS-7000-CT
8.0 YLS-8000-CT
10.0 YLS-10000-CT


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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