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Dry-cut gear hobbing machine with chamfering GE series


Compact and Efficient: A Single GE Hobbing Machine Realizes Both Hobbing and Chamfering

Photograph of the dry-cut gear hobbing machine with chamfering

Dry-cut gear hobbing machine with chamfering GE25A


Compact Because the Chamfering Device is Inside the Machine

  • GE15A : Machine width 1,760 mm, depth 2,850 mm
  • GE20A : Machine width 1,860 mm, depth 2,960 mm
  • GE25A : Machine width 2,170 mm, depth 2,770 mm

Simultaneous Hobbing and Chamfering Significantly Enhances Productivity

  • With newly employed 4-station ring loader, chamfering is performed during the hobbing process.

Exhibits the Highly Reputed Features of the Conventional GE Series

  • Full-fledged measures against chips
  • Easy-to-use conversational programming software
  • Convenient production line configuration (hobbing machine with gantry loader can be also incorporated)

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Item/Model GE06A GE15A GE20A GE25A
Max. work piece diameter mm Φ60 Φ150 Φ200 Φ250
Max. cutting module mm  4 6
Axial travel mm 200 250(opt.400)
Radial travel mm 120 140
225 210
Hob Max. diameter mm Φ90 Φ110 Φ130
Max. length mm 150 180 230
Shift mm 130 150 180
Speed min-1 335 to 2,660
(opt.500 to 4,000)
200 to 2,000
(opt.300 to 3,000)
150 to 1,500
(opt.200 to 2,000)
Max. table speed min-1 500 300
Main motor kw 5.5 7.5
Machine weight kg 6,300 7,000 7,800 9,500


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-552-9760