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April 10, 2019

President Keiichiro Iwasaki

It has been three years and a half since Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. launched as a separate company from Machine Tool Division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd combined manufacturing and sales company. The company had high volumes of operation during the fiscal year 2018. We were concerned whether be able to securely deliver products to our customers, but we finally have overcame this challenge through the understanding and cooperation of our customers and partners. We were deeply grateful to them. Some of our customers may have been asked to cooperate with us in ensuring delivery on time. Thanks to their help, we were able to deliver satisfying products on time. Therefore, please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. Another point we should remember is that we could not properly provide what some customers really wanted us to do in some cases. On the other hand, it`s a pity that there were some cases that we could not fully understand and comply with customer`s request and needs. Your continual support and guidance will be much appreciated.

Now we would like to introduce three hot topics for this year. The first is the full-scale sales of metallic 3D printers (Additive Manufacturing (AM)). We took part in TRAFAM* in 2015 and have promoted a development program. After the conclusion of the program, the AM was released in full scale. Our AM uses the directed energy deposition (DED) system, which is suitable for industrial mass production and allows large-size, high-speed additive manufacturing. The system also allows AM of dissimilar metals or functional gradient materials, thereby allowing us to introduce highly potential products to the market. The product lineup covers a series of AM sizes of LAMDA200, LAMDA500 and LAMDA2000. They feature the "shield nozzle" that eliminates the need of chambers and the "monitoring feedback system" that allows automatic lamination. We can offer these products with confidence to open up a new avenue for monozukuri.

Second, we will give an example of what we have achieved through industrial-academic-government cooperation in the past several years. In a joint social cooperation course with the University of Tokyo, we were involved in researches for clarifying and improving the grinding process of gear machines. We won the "Best presentation award by the Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE)" for the work titled "Evaluation of cooling efficiency of internally supplied coolant in a grinding process". Through a joint study with RWTH Aachen University, Germany, on cutting and grinding of gears, we presented the research results on our “Super Skiving” process in the last fiscal year. We will continue providing related information including evaluation by independent institutes.

The third is holding a new web seminar as a way of introducing our technologies. The web seminar has been held under the themes of "Mold manufacturing solutions", "Laser micromachining and room-temperature bonding in the semiconductor industry", and "Introduction of gear finishing technology for Chinese customers". These seminars are available via the internet to customers, including those away from the seminar site, giving them an opportunity to be familiar with our products and efforts. We hope you will participate in the web seminar as we continue providing interesting contents.

I would now like to close my brief introduction of the recent topics. I look forward to your further continued patronage of our products.

* TRAFAM: Acronym of Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing

Keiichiro Iwasaki

Keiichiro Iwasaki
President and CEO
Representative director
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
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