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International Approval

Quality Policy

"We are committed to keep "ON WHAT BASIS ARE WE DOING BUSINESS?" as our FUNDAMENTALS for manufacturing PRODUCTS through PROCESS and FLOW by building a system where "POST-PROCESS is CUSTOMER" to realize "CUSTOMER FIRST, QUALITY FIRST"."

We are committed to consistently providing our customers with excellent products and services based on this Quality Policy and promoting continuous improvement of our quality management system.

To accomplish this, we have established a quality assurance system that ensures the reliability, maintainability, and durability of our products throughout all product phases, from product planning and development to sales, design, manufacture, and installation, and during the product life cycle, in accordance with customers' requests and the requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 Certification


Certification Scope :
-The design, development, manufacture, installation and servicing of machine tools, room temperature wafer bonding machine and laser equipment.
-The design, development, and manufacture of precision cutting tools.
-The provision of transmission parts.
-The design and development of MP scales.

Certification No. : FM87810
Registration Date : August 11, 2004
Certificate Expiry : August 10, 2021

ISO/TS16949 Certification


Certification Scope :
-The Manufacture of Engine Valves

Certification No. : TS84915
Registration Date : July 27, 2004
Certificate Expiry : September 14, 2018

Environment Policy

"Protect the future of our beautiful earth."

We are committed to decreasing the environmental load from all phases of our business activities by making environmental protection efforts as a top priority for business management. We are also contributing to the sustainable development of society by developing and offering comprehensive technologies and products that enable environmental protection.
In September 2006, we achieved zero emission (Level 1) and declared our achievement of zero emission.

ISO 14001 Certification


Certification Scope :
-Design/development, production, sales and servicing (maintenance, restoration and improvement, technical supervising) of machine tools, precision cutting tools and MITSUBISHI Precision Scale of machine tools.
-Production and sales of engine valves.

Certification No. : YKA 4005635/J
Registration Date : January 25, 2018
Recertification Date : January 25, 2018
Certificate Expiry : January 24, 2021