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Production History

1939 Began production of lathes.
1944 Began production of aircraft engine valves.
1953 Developed Japan's first transfer line for mass-production.
1960 Began production of the Mitsubishi-Innocenti CWB milling-and-boring combined machine.
1961 Began production of the Mitsubishi-Lorenz hobbing machine.
1966 Began production of the Mitsubishi-Reihauer shaving cutter grinder.
1967 Developed Japan's first NC horizontal boring mill. Began sales of the MAF machine.
1968 Developed the Mitsubishi horizontal machining center "MPA Series".
1978 Began production of the Mitsubishi-Warner Swasey cylindrical grinding machine.
1980 Developed Japan's first NC gear hobbing machine.Began sales of the GH400NC.
1983 Developed Japan's first NC cylindrical grinding machine "A6G/P6G".
1985 Began sales of a vertical precision milling machine "M-VR series".
1986 Completed the world's largest-class NC milling-and-boring combined machine "Supermiller".
1987 Developed a high-speed, high-precision die and mold machine "M-KR series".
1997 Developed a dry cutting system. Began sales of SuperDry hobbing machines "GN series and SuperDry hob".
2003 Began sales of the new vertical precision milling machine "MVR series".
2004 Began sales of E series machines for gear manufacture: SuperDry hobbing machine "GE series", SuperDry gear shaping machine "SE25A", gear shaving machine "FE30A", and gear grinding machine "ZE series".
Began sales of large-size die and mold machine "MVR-FM series".
2005 Developed the world's first wafer bonding machine operable at room temperature for MEMS.
2006 Began sales of the micro milling machine "μV1".
2008 Began sales of the new horizontal boring mill "MAF150R".
2009 Began sales of the world's first mass production type internally toothed ring gear grinding machine "ZI20A".
2010 Developed Japan's first large-size gear grinding machine "ZGA2000".
Succeeded in mass-production of hollow-head engine valves for automobiles using the forge-press hollowing process
2011 Began sales of large gear shaper "SEA 1600".
Developed world's first room temperature wafer bonding machine for 300mm threedimensionally integrated LSI circuits
Began sales of the new horizontal boring mill "MAF150C".
2012 Began sales of the high precision double column machining center "LH250".