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Laser Micromachining System ABLASER-DUVcontact

Laser Micromachining System ABLASER-DUV


DUV Laser

The DUV laser is an acronym for a Deep UltraViolet laser by the fourth harmonic generation (with a wavelength of 266 nm).
ABLASER-DUVs are equipped with a high-quality short-pulse DUV laser oscillator and a lens & prism suitable for the DUV laser in combination with our unique optical head that can quickly and accurately rotate the laser beam, enabling high-precision, high-quality micromachining.

Various types of laser beams depending on the wavelengths

Various types of laser beams depending on the wavelengths

Minimum machining diameter of 10µm and maximum aspect ratio of 10

The use of the 266 nm short wavelength laser makes it possible to achieve a smaller focal spot diameter, enabling finer machining. The minimum drilled hole diameter of ABLASER-DUV is 10 µm, substantially improved from 50 µm with the green laser ABLASER. In addition, the optimally designed laser optical system ensures a long focal depth, achieving the maximum aspect ratio of 10.

Even available for machining resistant materials

Since the DUV laser has high absorption through various materials and high light energy, the system exhibits high machining performance with materials such as glass and compound semiconductors that were previously hard to process.

Examples of machining

Material Stainless steel (SUS304) Single crystal silicon carbide (SiC) wafer
Stainless steel (SUS304) Single crystal silicon carbide (SiC) wafer
Hole size 20µm 10µm
Work thickness 0.2mm 0.1mm


Machine specifications
Item Specifications
X axis (mm) 300 (100) (Note 1)
Y axis (mm) 200 (100) (Note 1)
Z axis (mm) 100
C axis (°) 360
A axis (°) -20~120
Positioning accuracy (mm) 0.001
Machinable size (mm) φ0.01~
Tapered hole control Forward/reverse-tapered and drum-shaped holes
Width x Depth x Height (mm) 2,040 x 2,620 x 2,000
Machine body only, control panel and accessories not included

(Note 1) The value within the parentheses indicates the travel with the A/C axis installed.


Business contact: Strategic Sales Operation Department
Phone: +81-77-501-3822

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