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Laser Micromachining System ABLASER


Achieving high-speed, high-precision machining with optical heads and other proprietary technologies

Laser Micromachining System ABLASER

Laser micromachining system ABLASER

A high-quality, short-pulse laser beam is guided through our proprietary high-precision optical system to help achieve excellent machined surfaces with reduced thermal effect. In drilling, particularly, this machine achieves dimensional accuracy equivalent or superior to electric discharge machining, even enabling the machining of challenging jobs such as tapered holes, reverse-tapered holes and three-dimensional pockets.

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This machine achieves machining accuracy superior to that of conventional laser machines thanks to the granite material used in its major structural components and the precision scale installed in its positioning mechanism. In addition, the adoption of 5-axis control, as found in advanced machine tools, facilitates machining on curved surfaces as well as objects with complex shapes.

Details of laser machining

Details of laser machining

New non-thermal machining with short-pulse laser

Irradiation with a short-pulse (picosecond) laser beam causes the targeted part to be ablated, thereby enabling machining with minimum thermal effect compared with conventional nanosecond laser irradiation.
This new technology prevents the alteration, deformation or sputtering of the target material, providing sharp edges and excellent inner surface roughness that have never been achieved before.

Comparison between conventional laser machining and short-pulse laser machining

Granite base and precision positioning mechanism

Micrometer-order precision machining

  • Achieve machining error within ± 0.002 mm

5-axis control

Flexible machining on curved surfaces, including propellers and spheres.

New optical head using proprietary technology to achieve high-precision helical drilling

The optical head uses our proprietary technology that adjusts the laser beam to the desired hole diameter and irradiates a pulse laser while allowing it to rotate at high speed. This achieves the high-precision, high-efficiency machining of straight holes as well as any type of tapered hole.

Schematic diagram of helical machining
Schematic diagram of helical machining

Result of cutting test on silicon material
Result of cutting test on silicon material

Comparison with conventional machining techniques

Laser micromachining can provide machined surfaces and edge quality superior to those of conventional micromachining techniques.

Electric discharge machining Laser machining

Roundness 1.5 μm

Examples of laser micromachining


Material machining Si wafer drilling SKD11 hole drilling SiC grooving
Si wafer drilling SKD11 hole drilling SiC grooving
Hole size 0.16mm 0.07mm Groove width: 0.1 mm
Thickness 0.4 mm 0.5 mm 1.0 mm
Pitch tolerance ±0.5μm ±0.5μm ±0.5μm


SUS420 hole drilling

Straight hole Reverse-tapered hole Drum-shaped hole Special-shaped hole
Hole shape Straight hole Reverse-tapered hole Drum-shaped hole Special-shaped hole
Cross section -
Thickness 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm
Hole size 0.1mm (narrowest part) 0.1mm (narrowest part) 0.1mm (narrowest part) -
Surface roughness Ra:0.09μm Ra:0.08μm Ra:0.07μm -
Can machine into any given tapered shape. Machined surface roughness Ra: 0.1 μm or less


■Machine specifications

Item Specifications Remarks
X axis (mm) 300 (100) *1 Precision scale provided as standard
Y axis (mm) 200 (100) *1 Precision scale provided as standard
Z axis (mm) 100 Precision scale provided as standard
C axis (°) 360 Roller drive mechanism *2
A axis (°) -20 to 120 Roller drive mechanism *2
Positioning accuracy (mm) ±0.002
Maximum feed rate (m/min) 15
NC system FANUC 31iB
Maximum output power 30W
Pulse width (ps) <10 With built-in oscillator
Wavelength (nm) 515
Pulse energy 150 μJ
Frequency Max. 200 kHz
Laser head Proprietary product
Machinable size (mm) Φ0.05 to 0.3
Tapered hole control Forward/reverse-tapered and drum-shaped holes
Assist gas Can select for the specific target material
Width×Depth×Height (mm) 2,040×2,060×2,150 Machine body only
(control panel and accessories not included)
Weight 5.0t Machine body only
(control panel and accessories not included)
Fume collector, internal ventilation Included
X/Y/Z axis bellows Heat-resistant To 400℃

*1: The value within the parentheses indicates the travel with the A/C axis installed.
*2: Available as an option

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